Brazilian Ecotoxicology Society

The Brazilian Society of Ecotoxicology (ECOTOX-BRASIL) was founded in 2000 to stimulate the research and the development in the field of ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry. The Society also aims the human resources training to develop and apply methodologies and strategies that allow equating, managing and solving environmental problems generated by the most diverse human activities. ECOTOX-BRAZIL is currently the Brazilian chapter of the Latin American geographical unit of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Applied Chemistry (SETAC-LA). The ECOTOX-BRASIL members also become a global SETAC member with all the benefits of this renowned global science society.

A central philosophy of both societies is to provide mechanisms discussion that integrate, adapt and reconcile the objectives and interests of the segments represented by the scientific community, the productive sector and government entities, with the purpose of protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development. Both societies promote the advancement and application of scientific research related especially to the presence of chemical contaminants in the environment and their potential to cause deleterious biological effects on organisms and ecosystems. This scientific information should be used in environmental policymaking and decision-making by the competent authorities.

The Brazilian Society of Ecotoxicology publishes the specialized scientific journal “Ecotoxicology and Environmental Contamination (EEC)”, already in its 13th year of existence.

Ecotox Brasil seeks to connect the largest number of professionals working in the area, whether in the academic, productive or governmental sector, aiming at strengthening the group and the research lines developed in Brazil.