How to Present

Instructions on how to record and upload the video of your abstract approved in ECOTOX 2021:

ECOTOX 2021 Presentation Template

ECOTOX 2021 logo

1) To record the video follow the link with the instructions – Please note that the instructions are in the Portuguese language.

2) After making the recording, the video must be inserted in the link where the requested data must be filled in and the link of the video recorded on Youtube must be attached.

 3) The deadline for submitting the video is July 30th, 2021.

 4) Every video must contain:

  • Title
  • Abstract number
  • Authors’ names
  • Email of the author responsible for the presentation
  • Institution
  • Where applicable, inform: approval number from the Research Ethics Committee (CEP), Ethics Committee on the Use of Animals (CEUA), SISBio Collection License

If you want to use the event’s logo, please insert it in the upper right corner in your presentation.

The font, the font size as well as the inclusion of tables, graphics, animations and the use of the attached presentation template are free and optional.

5) The maximum time for each video will be 5 minutes regardless of the category of presentation Panel or Video-Poster.

Panel: 5-minute video available for viewing at any time during the event, but with a presentation scheduled at a time to be indicated by the scientific committee shortly, followed by a 5-minute live discussion between the presenter, room moderator, and other participants. Each video can also receive written comments throughout the event. Video-Poster: A 5-minute video available for viewing at any time during the event, and with interaction with event participants via chat and written comments.